Information about NeverAlone


The NeverAlone marketplace

On 16 March 2020, the Federal Council adopted far-reaching measures to contain the COVID-19 virus: Businesses must remain closed until further notice.
This means loss of earnings due to forced closures and staff layoffs for local businesses, while giants with existing structures, such as Amazon, are hiring 100,000 new employees.

We must prevent this!

Our vision
We believe in a Switzerland where all citizens stick together and support each other in good and bad times.

Our mission
We would like to give the Swiss village & neighbourhood shops, which have been shaken by the arbitrary shutdown, a platform to be there for their customers during the corona crisis.

Our aim
In order to generate added value for everyone, it is our declared aim to connect as many tradespeople as possible with your regular customers. Through our solidarity we will move mountains!

Never Alone helps you, dear trader, to keep in touch with your customers even during this difficult time. Our online marketplace offers a free opportunity to resell immediately without disregarding the security regulations of the Federal Council.

This platform networks and creates visibility. 
We won't let you down - together we care for each other according to the motto 

Our Logo
Our logo symbolizes the solidary cooperation of two people from a bird's eye view. Are they reaching out their (disinfected) hands? Or do they even exchange something? We would like to leave it up to you - the viewer - to decide exactly what is to happen between these two citizens. After all, you are also responsible for the solidarity that makes our marketplace so unique.